Routek's sphere of activity is the development and implementation of network projects. The company is specialized in the design, installation, maintenance and administration of heterogeneous telecommunication networks that combine wired (fiber optics, Ethernet) and wireless (WiFi) technologies. Their target group are companies, universities, entities and government agencies which would like to improve their offer of technologies of information and communication, especially the connection with and access to the internet. Our solutions can be integrated into pre-existing networks or used in places without any network infrastructure. In this case, the current WiFi technologies can offer solutions with a good cost-benefit ratio.

The human capital of Routek consists of multidisciplinary specialists, mainly engineers from the fields of informatics and telecommunications. Our company develops and maintains the usual software that most network installations are using, which gives us the capacity to adapt to the specific necessities of every customer.

Featured projects:


The Enhancing Reflection and Self-Determination in Community Networking project will enhance the users' means for understanding and influencing networking tasks in the context of Community Networks.

Digital Merthyr

Deployment of an open, community-driven wireless network in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales (UK).

Quick Mesh Project

Firmware for embedded network devices based on OpenWRT Linux operating system.

Fossil Festival 2012

WiFi coverage of Fossil Festival event.