The company

Routek is an innovative company focusing on the development of telecommunication projects and the research of their impact in the society. Our sphere of activity is centered in the design and deployment of networks based on wireless technology, providing solutions with an optimal performance-cost ratio.

Since the foundation, in 2012, we have worked with universities, government agencies, public institutions, private companies and local communities to improve their access to information and communication technologies. This ranges from installing and maintaining hardware infrastructure to the roll-out of digital inclusion social initiatives involving Internet access. According to the customers' needs, our solutions can be integrated into preexisting networks or built from scratch. In this case, current WiFi technologies can offer solutions with a good cost-benefit ratio.

The history

In November 2010 a group of developers teamed to start working on the Quick Mesh Project - qMp, an initiative funded by the PuntCat Foundation. Their aim was to create an open source firmware for network devices that could allow easy deployments of mesh networks. One of the most significative achievements was the implementation of a new routing protocol called bmx6, which improved in many aspects the efficiency of previous routing protocols for mesh networks. From that moment on, the members of the qMp team started to think about offering their knowledge and experience professionally, in parallel to actively contributing to the project. Finally, during 2012, Routek S.L. was established. Our biggest assets are the developed technologies and the expertise acquired during this time in the deployment of telecommunication networks.


Routek has been interviwed in the context of the CI-FIRE project as a successful case of SMEs participation in an European research project.

You can read the interview here: