Reflection - CONFINE project 2nd Open Call

April 2014 - March 2015
Barcelona, Catalonia

Digital Merthyr project logo Routek has been selected for the 2nd Open Call of the CONFINE Project. The proposal, Enhancing Reflection and Self-Determination in Community Networking, has the objective to enhance the users' means for understanding and influencing cooperative networking tasks in the context of Community Networks.

Community networks are an emerging and successful model for the Future Internet across Europe and far beyond. The CONFINE project complements existing FIRE infrastructure by establishing a new facility built on the federation of existing community IP networks constituted by more than 20,000 nodes and 20,000 Km of links.

In 2013, the CONFINE project published and open call with project funding, to use and expand their community networking testbed (Community-Lab) by external research groups, and also by other community networks.

The Enhancing Reflection and Self-Determination in Community Networking project (shortened Reflection) will improve existing tools and provide new mechanisms to allow users of Community Networs to better capture the overall state and characteristics of the network, increasing the awareness on how the Community Network topology relates to the perspective of its users. Applying these tools, the BatMat-eXperimental version 6 (BMX6) routing protocol will be enhanced with new means to consider this knowledge and allow users to individually adjust the policies according to which their traffic is routed through the network.