Quick Mesh Project

>Quick Mesh Project was a project funded by the PuntCat foundation aiming at the development of programs in order to obtain a prototype of a mesh node which would be able to be installed and configured fast and easily. These nodes could be part of both permanent and temporary networks. This type of node, integrated into the so called Quick Mesh Kit, enables the users to access internet through one or more gateway nodes.

The network is able to direct the traffic to the internet automatically in an optimal way and to do a fast load balancing, if the internet or one of the traffic nodes is unavailable. The forwarding of IP packets from one node to another is made possible by the daemon of the bmx6 protocol. The network admits both wireless connections and those by cable, although it is optimized for wireless links in ad-hoc mode. Currently this project is maintained largely with the resources of Routek, respecting the GPL licence of the original code.